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Thank you for submitting your vehicle details! Our team of expert buyers will review your offer request during our business hours.

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We’ll promptly send you a top offer to buy your car directly via email. You can expect to receive your offer within 12 hours, often even sooner.


We need to inspect your vehicle to complete the deal should you be interested in our offer. The good news is we will come to you, making the process convenient and hassle-free!


We offer immediate payment via bank transfer right on the spot, ensuring you receive your funds while the buyer is present. We also take care of the Change of Ownership.

Have any questions?

Here are the most common questions answered for your convenience. 

Here is our hassle-free process:

  • First, you fill out a form on our website – it takes about three minutes.
  • Then, we send you an estimated offer using the details you provided. We will send this via text.
  • If you accept our offer, one of our friendly and professional Buyers will contact you to make an appointment to view your vehicle.
  • We visit you at a time and location of your convenience.
  • Our Buyer will give the vehicle a check over and go for a quick drive.
  • The deal is finalised and we pay you on the spot. We also take care of the Change of Ownership.

That’s it.

How is that for convenience?

Yes we can. We can settle your car on your behalf with any New Zealand registered finance house. All we require from you is a settlement letter which is valid for the day of purchase. Should our offer be more than what is owed, then the balance will be paid into your bank account.

Any vehicle as long as it has a valid Warrant of Fitness. We also consider boats, caravans, motorcycles, and motorhomes. Diesel vehicles with outdated Road User Charges would need to be updated by you before selling, or we can deduct the renewal cost and update it afterwards

We sent you an offer with no obligation, so you don’t have to do anything. If you’re not happy with the price, just reply to the text message and suggest a price. We value your feedback and want to keep you happy, so we may ask for your input to create a better deal that suits your circumstances. However, as a vehicle dealer, we won’t pay the retail value of a vehicle, which is the value we would need to sell it for.

We send you a text message with our maximum offer.

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