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Payment Terms for Your Salesman

Welcome to Your Salesman! 

These Payment Terms outline how payments are processed when we purchase vehicles from you through our service. Please read these terms carefully to understand the payment process.

1. Payment Method

1.1. We offer payment via electronic bank transfer. All payments will be made directly to your nominated bank account.

2. Payment Process

2.1. We will conduct a final inspection of the vehicle at an agreed-upon location. Upon successful completion of the inspection, we will proceed with the payment.

2.2. Once you accept our offer to buy your vehicle, we will initiate the payment process.

3. Settlement of Finance

3.1. If there is finance owing on the vehicle, we can settle it on your behalf with any New Zealand registered finance house.

3.2. All we require from you is a settlement letter that is valid for the day of purchase.

3.3. Should our offer be more than what is owed, then the balance will be paid into your bank account.

3.4. If there is a security interest on the vehicle, we are obligated to settle the payment with your financer. We can only pay the difference, should there be any, after settling the security interest.

4. Required Documentation

4.1. To facilitate the sale and transfer of ownership, we require the following documentation from the owner of the vehicle:

  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Bank details for payment.
  • Physical address.
  • Email address.
  • Mobile phone number.

4.2. As a Registered Motor Vehicle Dealer (RMVD) in New Zealand with RMVT no. M388851, we will handle all necessary paperwork and administrative tasks related to the sale of the vehicle.

4.3. Upon successful completion of the final inspection and payment, we will process the change of ownership. You will receive proof of payment and change of ownership papers via email while the buyer is present.

5. Currency

5.1. All payments will be made in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

6. Ownership Transfer

6.1. Upon receipt of payment, ownership of the vehicle will be transferred to us.

7. Taxes and Fees

7.1. Any applicable taxes or fees related to the sale of the vehicle will be the responsibility of the seller.

8. Dispute Resolution

8.1. In the event of any dispute regarding the payment process, we will work with you to reach a fair and mutually satisfactory resolution.

9. Contact Us

9.1. If you have any questions or concerns about our Payment Terms, please contact us at accounts@yoursalesman.co.nz.

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