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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions answered for your convenience. 

Here is our hassle-free process:

  • First, you fill out a form on our website – it takes about three minutes.
  • Then, we will email you an estimated offer using the contact details you provided.
  • If you accept our offer, one of our friendly and professional Buyers will contact you to make an appointment to view your vehicle.
  • We will come to you at a time and place that is convenient for you.
  • Our Buyer will give the vehicle a check over and go for a quick drive.
  • The deal is finalised and we pay you on the spot. We also take care of the Change of Ownership.

That’s it.

How is that for convenience?

We buy:

  • Cars in good mechanical and structural condition with a valid Warrant of Fitness (WOF)
  • Cars with mileage under 200,000km, not older than the year 2000. (excluding Japanese cars)

We DO NOT buy:

  • Cars previously written off, imported as damaged or re-registered
  • American and European cars older than 2010 or with more than 100,000km (excluding Ford Ranger) 
  • Cars that have been imported from Singapore or the UK. 


We also consider boats, caravans, motorcycles, and motorhomes. Diesel vehicles with outdated Road User Charges need to be updated by you before selling, or we can deduct the renewal cost and update it afterwards.

Yes we can. We can settle your car on your behalf with any New Zealand registered finance house. All we require from you is a settlement letter which is valid for the day of purchase. Should our offer be more than what is owed, then the balance will be paid into your bank account.

We send you an email or text message with our maximum offer.

Our “Maximum Offer” is the highest amount we are willing to pay for your vehicle. It represents the best value we can offer based on the information provided. It’s important to note that this offer is contingent on the condition of the vehicle matching the description provided. If, upon inspection, we find that additional expenses are needed to bring the car to market readiness (such as new tyres, bodywork, or mechanical repairs), the offer may be adjusted accordingly. Rest assured, any changes to the offer will be communicated transparently and agreed upon before finalising the deal. Our aim is to provide fair and competitive offers while ensuring both parties benefit from a smooth transaction.

We understand that our offer may not always meet your expectations. There’s no obligation to accept. If the price doesn’t align with what you had in mind, simply reply to the text or email with your suggested price. We value your input and aim to work together for a mutually beneficial deal. However, please note that as a vehicle dealer, we won’t be able to offer retail value, which is what we would need to sell it for.


Please send us your question and we will answer it as soon as we can. 


"Great service, super easy to work with, and an overall great experience."

Questions about the buying process:

The buying process is straightforward; the best part is that we will come to you. Gone are the days of multiple visits to car dealerships or the need to transport your vehicle anywhere.

Selling to us is convenient and hassle-free. That means no tyre kickers. There is no faster way to sell your vehicle and get paid.

  • You don’t need to take your vehicle anywhere because we come to you.
  • You can be assured of a competitive offer; in most cases, it will be more than you’d get when trading in. We will do our absolute best to make this happen.
  • You skip all the admin because we take care of it all; no need to advertise; we do the inspection, process the Ownership papers, and pay you on the spot. All this is done while our Buyer is with you.

Yes, for sure. We have helped hundreds of people sell their vehicles the easy way, and they have given us great reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot. Your Salesman is a Registered Motor Vehicle Dealer; RMVT no. M388851.

Our offer is determined by our experienced Buying team, considering the current market conditions for your specific vehicle. This evaluation is influenced by factors like supply and demand.

To arrive at this figure, we rely on a variety of reliable and up-to-date national resources. You’ll receive this value as our maximum offer, sent to you via email or text message.

Upon meeting with our Buyer, they’ll conduct a comprehensive assessment of both the cosmetic and mechanical condition of your vehicle. This evaluation helps us determine the amount we may need to invest to restore the vehicle to its best condition for resale.

If no further investment is required, you’ll receive the maximum offer. Should any reconditioning be necessary, this cost will be deducted from the maximum offer. Our Buyer will always communicate openly and provide detailed explanations of any observations and required work.

Please rest assured, we have a fair and realistic approach. We understand that wear and tear is normal, especially for older vehicles, and this is taken into consideration in our assessment.

We try and send you an offer within 24 hours. Often you will receive it the same day or even within a couple of hours.

Questions about the visit:

At a time and location of your convenience, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle, finalise the offer, and issue payment on the spot. Additionally, we take care of all the necessary paperwork and change of ownership.

A friendly and professional Buyer will check the vehicle over during a visit to ensure its condition matches the description you gave us online. They will also go for a quick drive and verify your identity. If everything is in order, they organise your payment and Change of Ownership right there on the spot.

The whole process can take as little as 15 minutes.

Yes! Even during your lunch break.

Please mention to our buyer if you have any time restraints, and they will plan to meet you where and whenever is convenient.

15 – 30 minutes.

Drivers license, Settlement letter (if applicable), bank details, physical address, email address, mobile phone number.


"Great hassle-free experience."

Questions about getting paid:

Immediately. Our Buyer will capture all your details and submit it to our accounts department, with the payment and paperwork processed at the same time.

Our Buyer will wait with you until you have received the confirmation email from our accounts department which will include proof of payment, ownership change and a purchase agreement.

Direct bank transfer.

Visiting us:

Your Salesman is a mobile vehicle buying service, we do not have a walk-in dealership. You are welcome to make an appointment to visit our workshop and holding yard if you want your vehicle evaluated in person. Please phone 0800 725376 to make an appointment.

Building B, 76 Kimptons Road, Brookby 2576.

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